Practical Wedding Reception Tips

Your wedding reception is a celebration of your new life. Make sure you are ready with these practical wedding reception tips.


Your wedding reception is the time for you to have fun and be with people you love.

The months leading to the wedding are a critical period for planning. However, keep in mind that when The Day comes, there is not a lot you can do, which is why it is best to let things go. Details take up so much of your attention. Trust that you have done everything you could do during the planning stage and just enjoy the day. When you let go, avoid getting upset about the little things, such as utensils getting lost or your bouquet looking less than perfect. Your wedding reception is the time for you to have fun and be with people you love. Besides, it is not likely that people will care about the little details.

Prioritise the Guests.

Make sure that the wedding ceremony starts on schedule and photos are taken efficiently.

Of course, it is your day but does not forget your guests. If they wait too long, they will become impatient and restless. To keep things going, we make sure that our clients follow a timeline starting from the time they prepare for the occasion until the time they leave the reception. We make sure that everyone is on time to avoid the dreaded long wait between events. Make sure that the wedding ceremony starts on schedule and photos are taken efficiently. The doors to your reception should be open no more than one hour after the cocktail hour starts. That way, your reception will go smoothly and effortlessly.

Keep the reception simple.

The most basic occasions to consider incorporate the carriage entrance, the couple’s first move, the toasts, the cake cutting, the bundle and the tie hurl.

The number of events included in the reception program will eat up the time. In general, the most critical events to consider include the bridal entrance, the couple’s first dance, the parent dance, the toasts, the cake cutting, the bouquet and the garter toss. The exit should follow after this. Avoid adding several events between the dances.

Be flexible with the DJ.

You may need your most loved music played amid the gathering yet make an effort not to confine what the DJ can play.

You might want your favourite music played during the reception but try not to limit what the DJ can play. You could discuss the type of music you want but keep in mind that DJs are professionals who are quite good at knowing what would keep the crowd on their feet.

Go easy on the lights.

Discuss the lighting plans with the specialized individual or group.

Your reception is a party, after all, so make sure the lights are just right. People are more likely to dance and enjoy themselves if the lights are not too bright. Talk about the lighting arrangements with the technical person or team. The wedding videographer must also be informed of the lighting since it will affect how the photos and videos will turn out later.

Keep the reception room comfortable.

Solace is vital to the pleasure in the event and if the temperature is perfect, you and your visitors will have an extraordinary time.

Work with the management of the reception venue or the wedding planner to ensure that the room is just the right temperature. Comfort is key to the enjoyment of the occasion and if the temperature is just right, you and your guests will have a great time.

The middle of the room is where the action should be.

Make sure that the guests have fun.

The area of attention at your wedding reception is the premium space, not some corner where small groups congregate. While entertainment is hardly the most critical concern at your reception, make sure that the guests have fun with the band or the DJ.

Wear the right shoes.

Each lady of the hour needs to look great on her big day, so the most attractive shoes are dependably the correct decision.

Every bride wants to look good on her wedding day, so the best looking shoes are always the right choice. Of course, the best looking shoes are not designed to be comfortable. Great if you can find a pair that marries form and function but if the pair you plan to wear is likely to hurt your feet, bring an extra pair of more comfortable shoes, especially for dancing. You could also bring soft flat shoes instead, or even flip-flops or your favourite sneakers to keep your feet happy and rested, at least for a few minutes.

Mind the budget.

Plan your special event carefully and spend on what you need and want wisely.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to always make sure that you can afford your wedding. Nothing ruins the good wishes of the day like the knowledge that you just got into some serious debt as a result of saying I do. Plan your special event carefully and spend on what you need and want wisely. A wedding is the beginning of a new life and you will enjoy it more knowing that you are on your way with the right step.